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No matter your age or proficiency, we can help you reach your goals!

3-4-5 Group Preschool Music: For family preschool music, we always encourage Ms. Jennifer’s “Music Together” program, which is adult and child together in a fun, educational class, but many parents have requested more of a general “Intro to Music” experience for their younger children that are not ready for a full music lesson. We have an amazing curriculum for preschool children aged three to five to learn in a small group setting, that prepares them for full music lessons. A tailored curriculum will be taught weekly with new and exciting activities and is a wonderful alternate program to begin their music education if not able to take a family class. Limited weekly spots available. 

Piano Lessons: Children love our fun, relaxed approach to this wonderful instrument. We can also have adults playing their favorite songs with chords in no time! Piano is the "Latin of the music language" − if you learn piano, all other instruments come easily.

Vocal Lessons: Our lessons are an enjoyable combination focusing on techniques, projection and presentation. We cover all varieties of music form Classical, Musical Theatre and Popular - from La Boheme to High School Musical, from Hannah Montana to Norah Jones - whatever is of interest to the student!

Guitar Lessons: We offer our students a choice of playing styles and type of instrument: Classical, Acoustic or Electric. Do you want to be a rock star, or would you prefer to accompany yourself to your favorite songs?  No matter your desires, we can help you get there!

Drum Lessons: Beginning with the standard rudimentary techniques, the student progresses at their own pace into a drum set method with studies in coordinated technique. Drums are a great way to teach coordination to sports-minded children.

Strings Lessons (Violin, Viola & Cello): We focus on a mixture of Traditional and Suzuki methods with an emphasis on reading music, handling and care of the instrument and learning a repertoire appealing to the student.

Flute/Woodwinds/Brass Lessons: We offer traditional training in Flute and Recorder, as well as woodwinds including Clarinet and Saxophone. We teach a mixture of methods with emphasis on reading music, handling and care of the instrument and learning a repertoire appealing to the student.


Are you interested in an instrument you don’t see above? Email us or call our main office and let us know! We’re regularly updating and adding classes, and we’d love to hear your recommendation.